Stussy by David Dobson 

Interview Magazine, June 1994

After experience as young, unpaid interns, a group of creative professionals came together to create this fashion publication focused around the freedom of thought and proliferation of ideas. It’s incredible to see these young professionals come together to produce such an interesting read. 

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After the announcement a few days ago, Dazed premieres the collaboration between Pigalle and Nike Air. The collection features a jersey, hat, shorts and Air Force 1s — basketball and well-worn inspired. Check it out at Dover Street Market on April 26. 

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Pigalle // Nike Air // Dover Street Market April 26

Pigalle x Nike

This is the second announcement in two days that comes from Instagram. It wasn’t a press release; it wasn’t on television; it wasn’t on their website. Instead, an Instagram post. Past the technological implications, what can we expect from NikeAir x Pigalle? Given the Spring announcement, it can be implied that the product might be sneakers, tees, or other summer-wear. 

Alexander Wang x H&M

Not only is the collaboration incredible, but also the announcement was amazing in itself. After years of having an instagram account accumulating followers, Wang premiered the collaboration as the very first post on the social media account. Following the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, and Donatella Versace, the young American designer verifies his takeover of the fashion world. 

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Roberto Piqueras AW14 Collection: Spanish Streetwear

"I drew inspiration from the off-license shop, 90s denim flashbacks, hyper logo sensitive, teen world, 4D dimensions, watermark, computers, Windows ‘95 screensavers, Mario Bros, Immaculate Heart of Mary and emoji icons."

Source: Hunger TV